Mentorship & organizational support

Workshop facilitation and tutorials (email me)

Live, in-person or virtual, or recorded tutorials under 20 minutes and interactive workshops with planned activities virtual or in-person between 45-90 minutes for groups of 25 individuals or fewer

Cost: Paid per hour and pro/low bono available. More topics upon request - topics will be tailored to the needs of the group

Tutorials (under 20 min)

  • Discipline and creative workflow to create something from nothing

  • Navigating with performance nervousness and imposter syndrome

  • How to setup a home studio affordably 

  • Intro to solo singer-songwriter-producing

  • How to create electronic music for free 

  • How to loop audio for live performance 

Workshop (45-90 min)

  • My personal creative journey, creative process, and work flow

  • An interactive journey through Uliya's selected works - a set of 5-7 songs with the meaning/story behind each song and dialogue with participants 

  • Art is important: Developing, evolving and refining an artistic purpose 

  • Embodying your values and authenticity in personal "branding" 

  • Affirming value and problem solving through beat making (for children groups)

Project management/creative direction (email me)

Cost: Paid per hour. I can work with your budgets.

Does your organization have an arts-related social change, collective healing, or public health project that you need help managing or executing? I can help you see the project through from start to finish​


Mentorship & feedback (email me)

Cost: For barter/trade

1. Get un-stuck/overwhelm coaching for artists, makers, and creatives

I can provide detailed and actionable feedback on:

  • Music

    • Production

    • Arrangements

    • Lyrics

    • Mixing (not Mastering)

  • Writing (bios, communications, etc)

  • Website

  • Cover art

  • Lyric videos, canvas videos

  • Styling in visuals

  • Color story in visuals

2. Get un-stuck/overwhelm for artists supplementing income via non-creative employment​

I can provide detailed and actionable feedback on the job search, resume, interview, and salary negotiation process.

3. Start-up coaching for singer-songwriter-producers (blog post coming soon)

4. Start-up coaching for artists looking to get into copy editing (blog post coming soon)

My experience


I grew up and completed high school on the lands of Algonquian-speaking tribes (so-called Cincinnati, Ohio) and after, attended UC Berkeley on Ohlone land in so-called Northern California and graduated in December 2011.

In the nearly 10 years since graduating, I’ve lived in 3 different metro areas. I’ve changed my name and career paths and embraced committing myself to music and art wholly. I’ve worked in advertising. I’ve helped manage projects funder by federal grants. I’ve helped navigate people through experience of finding out their HIV positive. I’ve supported people in navigating (physically accompanying them) through bureaucratic healthcare systems. I’ve volunteered as an organizer and project manager for South Asian youth social justice camps and other social change-related community-based organizations.

It's not always, and actually rarely, that I've sought these roles. It's more that these roles have found me. I've worn different hats and gone in different directions. I have stood at the precipice of big life decisions (ie, jobs, roles, further education) and made the decision to back away, come back down, and reassess when an alignment was not there.

And now, as a full-time artist, I want to use the skills I’ve developed and learned towards projects that align with my values and purpose. And as a South Asian queer, gender fluid person in the diaspora, I want to prioritize my communities of LGBTQIA artists who are BIPOC in the so-called West and/or folks who trace ancestry to places negatively impacted by European imperialism.

In any of my offerings, I'm moving from my own experience and skillset. I understand that while we may share a lot of challenges and life milestones, we are not all navigating the same life experiences, traumas, and environmental and social factors related to health, ability, race, class, caste, religion, and community pressures. To the best of my ability, I continue to educate myself and remain thoughtful about how folks navigate of all those while setting goals and meeting challenges.


*notes current


July 2021 (Houston, TX) - Girls Rock Houston (Houston, TX) - Presenter (Pro Bono)

Workshop on “Making of 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Entry” video (


June 2020 to June 2021 (Houston, TX) - South Asian Youth of Houston Unite (SAYHU) - Project Manager (Pro Bono)

  • Website content editing and updating

  • Researching sexual health services for the website

  • Survey to drive strategic communications, programming, and engagement

  • Led programming on creativity and prison abolition

  • Sharing guidance, perspective, resources, and ideas on slack channel


November 2020 - (Houston, TX) - Texas Civil Rights Project - Roving Poll Monitor (Volunteer)


July 2020 (Houston, TX) - Girls Rock Houston - Presenter (Pro Bono)


March 2020 (Houston, TX) - SPA Houston 2020 - Presenter (Pro Bono)


April 2019 to October 2019 (Houston, TX) - Montrose Center - Cyber Center Staff (Volunteer)


*February 2016 to Present - (Remote)  - Various Agencies - Editorial Services (see LinkedIn)

June 2015 to December 2015 (New York, NY) - Department of Health and Mental Hygiene -
Behavioral Health Research Interviewer for Hep C Prevention and Treatment (Paid)

June 2014 to September 2017 (New York, NY) - Equality for Flatbush/Cop Watch Flatbush - Organizer (Volunteer)


August 2013 to July 2015 (New York, NY) - SUNY Downstate Medical Center - Patient Navigator for People Living with HIV/AIDS (Paid)


January 2012 to December 2012 (Berkeley, CA) - Berkeley Builds Capacity - Program Coordinator for HIV/AIDS-related Grant (Paid)


January 2012 to July 2012 (Oakland, CA) - Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS) - Organizer (Volunteer)


October 2011 to December 2012 (Berkeley, CA) - Berkeley Builds Capacity - HIV Test Counselor (Volunteer)


June 2011 to December 2012 (San Francisco, CA) - GLIDE Health Services - HIV Test Counselor (Volunteer)


Languages spoken


English (first language), Spanish (conversational), Hindi/French (elementary)




August 2008 to December 2011 (Berkeley, CA) – University of California, Berkeley – Bachelor’s in Environmental Economics and Policy

  • Activities and Societies: Decadence A Cappella, CalSERVE, Khush Berkeley, Gender Equity Resource Center, Net Impact Berkeley, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Western Regional LGBTQIA 2011 Conference planning committee

  • I conducted literature reviews, wrote abstracts, and submitted to the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects for my research on South Asian masculinity. I wrote and edited 6 research papers.