What came my way today: #AbolishCaste & more

CW: mention of casteism and anti-Native racism

#AbolishCaste #StopBrahminicalPatriarchy

All content below is courtesy of the Equality Labs newsletter. Equality Labs has played a huge role in my journey own reckoning with my caste privilege as a non-Dalit Bahujan, gender fluid, queer person of savarna lineage and my own striving to help dismantle caste. As their newsletter says, "...it is not on Dalits to solve the unnameable violence of caste apartheid and Brahminical patriarchy." Please check out their full newsletter for more resources and subscribe and donate to them. And check out their upcoming fundraising event: "Giving in the Time of Genocide: Caste Abolition 101."

Dalit Queer Project

I was struck by this thought the dominant narrative of what it means to be Queer and Trans is of course a savarna-centric view of queerness (which de-centers and diminishes trans and intersex people and gender nonconformity). But understanding that Dalit-Bahujan are quite literally the majority of South Asian people, what it truly means to be a queer South Asian person MUST center the experiences and wisdom of queer and TGNCI people.

The launch of NDN's Land Back