Instagram - a note

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Welcome!!! Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you and I look forward to connecting

I spent a year or so off Instagram between Spring 2020 to Spring 2021. Between then a lot has happened in the world, but I'm grateful to see that I stayed connected to community via so many different channels. I confirmed and further learned what I already know - social media isn't the only way to stay engaged, active, and responsive to the world and its calls to action.

That time away has in part allowed me to focus on what I love doing most, creating, making art, deepening my connection to community, and remaining responsive vs reactive. While I've chosen to largely stay off of social media, I understand the choice to be on here and the useful tool it can be. And I also understand that people want use Instagram to keep up to date with what I have going on. So in that spirit of remain accessible, I will use this account to post updates about my work. But as I won't be post EVERYTHING on here, subscribing to my newsletter is still the best way to keep up with me!

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And please don't feel bad if I don't follow back! Again, I don't use social media except to check out posts and some random art accounts from time to time as it doesn't suit my spirit and brain. So to be fair to all , and because I don't want to be a "ghost follower," I won't be following anyone on this account. But it's not because I'm aspiring towards on some sort of follower/follow ratio or anything like that. I hope you understand <3

And with that said if you have anything you want to send me or bring to my attention, please do so. l actively consume, seek out, signal boost, and share content, articles, art, music, etc on other non-social channels.

About me

Uliya's influenced by heavy rain, cool mist, open fields, deep waters; colors like “cobalt blue”; conjured landscapes; their healing journey; artistic comrades; the South Asian diaspora; the inevitability of change; and their queerness and gender fluidity.

Through music, they seek to build worlds or spaces that can be seen in detail, be moved through freely, and be felt on your skin; that are deeply personal yet accessible; that inspire love, intimacy, tenderness, and reconciliation; that futurize, or consider expansive possibilities of what could be; and that transport you, the listener, to a soothing, meditative, dream-like sanctuary.

With the community that comes with art making, they seek to co create cultures that make space for all of everyone and promotes our wellbeing and ability to live authentic, abundant, grounded, and conscionable lives.

They create from their digital home, monsoon dreaming.

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And a necessary non sequitur to be clear where I stand

Black Trans Lives Matter

Defend Black Lives

Defund The Police

Abolish ICE

Free Them All

Demilitarize And Decolonize

Smash Brahminical Patriarchy

End Caste Apartheid

Land Back