Learnings - South Asia

Thread about Afghanistan
Reunification of India a necessity
Between Household Abuse and Employer Apathy, Domestic Workers Bear the Brunt of Lockdown
Who Counts as Asian, and What Counts as Anti-Asian Hate?
Dalit Camera
Academic saffronization - uprooting Hindutva from academia
Blueprint - Dalit-led Journalism
India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing…
Dalit History Month
Desi LGBTQ | Desi Rainbow
How to talk to your Asian immigrant parents about racism while considering their lived experiences
Diasporicrhizome - art exhibit
We interviewed Canada's Drag Race winner Priyanka and it was as chaotic as you could imagine
Filling the gaps of the trans dalit rights movement
'Pele Colour': How Casteism & Colourism Dictate S…
Kallumala Samaram: A Turning Point For Caste-Based Sartorial Politics In Modern Kerala | Feminism In India
Samridhdhi's writing
Muizz's writing
Caste in the USA, Episode 1: Conversations about casteism in Indian diaspora are vital to challenging its impact
South Asians for Abolition: Beyond Gilded Cages
Casteism Camouflaged as Culture
Sex Ed Tik Tok by Sriha
A robust caste discourse in Indian diaspora's classical dance practices is vital — and overdue
Sustaining the myth of merit: How technical knowledge became the preserve of a ‘meritorious’ upper-caste elite
What It Means to Be Black and South Asian
More resources from Equality Labs to end caste apartheid
Dalit Queer Project
CW: rape, Hathras rape: Why caste is relevant to the crime and must be highlighted
The Sidi Project - South Asia's African Diaspora
Focus - South Asian mental health
SAADA - queer brown feelings
Report caste discrimination in US workplaces
Black, Dalit, and Sheedi solidarities
South asians for black lives: a call for action, accountability, and introspection
The Specter of Caste in Silicon Valley
A Bibliography of Caste Readings
America’s Enduring Caste System
LGBTQ+ south asians recall the queer logic of their dreams
The Secret History of South Asian and African American Solidarity
How Afrofuturism Can Help the World Mend
South Asians and Black Lives
The Other One Percent review — selected for success
The Dalit-Bahujan Guide to Understanding Caste in Hindu Scripture
How the Hindu nationalist RSS woos Indian-Americans
Why I am not a Hindu
Caste Privilege 101

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