Collaboration &

Creative direction

First off, I love collaboration! It's wonderful. And I also believe that any nourishing and fruitful collaboration requires clear communication on expectations. So before initiating any collaboration, support, or work relationship, we will start with a conversation to see if it's mutually a good fit :)


Collaboration (email me)

In this scenario, one of us is listed as a feature or we're co-creators. I value collaboration vs musician-for-hire work and enjoy giving and receiving candid yet compassionate and constructive feedback. I seek collaborations where all parties bringing their own energy, enthusiasm, and experience to the table.

With other songmakers

  • Melody, lyrics, and vocals*

  • Melody and vocals only*

  • Lyrics and vocals only*

  • Vocals only**

  • Remixes:

    • Remix my song***

    • I remix your song***


I prefer you contact me directly, but you can also find me on sound better.


Gear highlights: Novation LaunchKey 49, Yamaha Reface CP, Rode NT2, Focusrite, JBL monitors, Logic Pro X

*Payment only as publishing and recording royalty percentage, non negotiable

**Payment as recording royalties percentage, non negotiable

***Payment as 50/50 recording royalties, non negotiable


With other artists, writers, and creatives

I love working with visual artists, poets, etc to create work together that's mixed media. Some ways we could work together:

  • You can place my music in your video work (sync/licensing)

  • You can hire me to help with scoring, music supervision, or sound design

  • I can create an original track or song that uses your recited poetry or accompanies your visual art, art installation, gallery show, video project, etc

  • We can work together on a piece of writing: interview, creative nonfiction, mixed media (music and writing together)

  • I can perform during a part of your theater production on stage or virtually

  • You can add my music to your playlist

  • And anything else we/you can dream of...


Creative direction (email me)

Paid per hour, sliding scale and barter available. I can provide detailed and actionable feedback on:

  • Music

    • Production

    • Arrangements

    • Lyrics

    • Mixing (not Mastering)

  • Writing (bios, communications, etc)

  • Website

  • Cover art

  • Lyric videos, canvas videos

  • Styling in visuals

  • Color story in visuals

I prefer you contact me directly, but you can also find me on sound better.


My experience

I've been making music for the last 10 years, combining self-taught and trained expertise as a vocalist, songwriter, acoustic guitarist, keyboardist, and in-the-box producer and sound/mixing engineer. I have collaborated on a number of projects across mediums, most notable my track "Greener" with Anju which has garnered over 140k streams on Spotify.


  • 2013 - NYC - Created score for Behno's Spring BTS fashion video

  • 2016 - Toronto - "Fear" placed in Anarkali web series, s2e1

  • 2017 - NYC - Sound design and score for and had "Medicine" placed in Milk & Honey short film 2017

  • 2018 - NYC - Performed at intermission in one-person play: Hussie, Part 2

  • 2019 - Global - "Divine," song collaboration between Muto Mosi and Uliya

  • 2019 - Global - "Greener," song collaboration between Anju and Uliya, cover art by Bishakh Som

  • 2020 - Global - Performed at intermission in Zoom theater: Within Distance Summer 2020

Please check out my press page on my music site for more about me in the news, sync placements, playlist adds, radio plays, etc. You can view my full discography here to listen to my collaborations and solo work. View my visuals here and more videos on YouTube. And you can view my blog here.


All music, visuals, and writing are done by me unless otherwise said so.