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monsoon dreaming is my, Uliya's, digital home.

I dedicate most of my time to my art practice as a mixed-media artist based in so-called Houston, Texas, on the ancestral lands of the Atakapa-Ishak people. My primary art practice is songwriting and music production, composition, and performance. I also work in video, photo, and digital art.

I dedicate most of my time to a musical practice. When I'm not making music, I'm performing, collaborating, mentoring, giving workshops, creative directing, project managing, sharing my writing and visuals, and curating resources, learnings, and other media.

monsoon dreaming is at different times a production house; an artist residency; a publisher and record label for music; and an arts and communications consultancy.

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The story

Monsoons are characterized by heavy rain, strong winds, and a seasonal shift. They cleanse and clear out the old and give life to the new.

What does it mean to monsoon dream?

It means to imagine on change, transformation, and metamorphosis.

Art mediums I work in

I create and perform music through voice, acoustic guitar, piano, a small synthesizer, a midi controller and Logic Pro X. Rooted in the the 90s R&B, alt rock, pop, country, and contemporary Indian music I heard in my childhood and early teens growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, my music sense has expanded into the organic, atmospheric, lush, polyrhythmic, movement-inducing, electro-acoustic music you hear today—informed my 10 years living in the Bay Area, CA and Brooklyn, NY.

I use acoustic production styles, recording live instrumentation, and electronic music styles, using digital synthesis, arpeggiators, samples, and programmed drums. I make electro-acoustic music that spans genres such as indie pop, ambient, chillout, and folk. I record, produce, and mix engineer all my own music.

Another aspect of my art practice is photo, digital art, and video work. I make my own visuals through cover art, lyric videos, music videos, and more. I combine visual art mediums such as photo and video manipulation, and animation. I also incorporate paper cuttings, designs created on bristol board with markers, collage, fabrics and textiles, and found objects.


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    • MENTORSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT: Mentorship, project management, and creative direction




    • VISUALS: A page of my different visual art, video art, and visuals created for music

    • PRESS

  • BLOG: My creative process, in depth background to new music and art releases, signal boost the work of my artistic comrades, reflections on what I've learned or how I'm growing and how I'm integrating it

  • STORE: Navigate to BandCamp to purchase my music. Other merchandise and prints for purchase coming soon


    • MUTUAL AID: A curated list of links regarding mutual aid (both ways to give and receive)

    • LEARNINGS: learnings for political and spiritual nourishment

    • LEARNINGS: SOUTH ASIA: learnings specific to the South-Asian diaspora

    • RESOURCES: resources for mental health and art/music making

    • MOOD BOARD: A mood board I curated

    • PLAYLISTS: Spotify playlists curated by me

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